Adoption Contract

This agreement is made and hereby entered into, by and between Silver Dragon Pets ("rescue"),
and the person stated above, hereby referred to as "adopter," "me" and/or "I."  The pet described
below will hereafter be referred to as "pet" and/or "he/she/him/her."  The purpose of this
contract is to ensure that the adopter provides this pet with the best possible care and treatment
throughout the pet's life.

Adopted Animal Identification:
Color:                                Markings:

Microchip Number: _______________________

Silver Dragon Pets warrants that at this time and to the best of our knowledge this pet:
___ Is current on all required/age appropriate vaccinations
___ Is spayed/neutered
___ Is heartworm/FIV/FeLeuk negative
___ Has been de-wormed
___ Is currently taking flea and heartworm prevention medication
___ Is in good health and free of any diseases at this time, unless otherwise discussed and
agreed upon with rescue and adopter
___ Has been groomed
___ If unaltered, adopter agrees to have this pet spayed/neutered, and return proof of surgical
sterilization on or before _______.  This date is to be no more than 30 days from the date of
adoption or the age of six months in the case of puppies and kittens.  A spay/neuter deposit of
$______ has been placed, and will be refunded when proof of surgical sterilization is received.  
This deposit will be forfeited if proof of spay/neuter surgery is not received by the required date.

Adopter understands and agrees to abide by the following terms of adoption:

If, within two weeks, for any reason, I decide this pet is not right for me or my family, I must
return the pet to Silver Dragon Pets and will receive a refund for the adoption fee.  After two
weeks, no refund will be made.

I agree to make a reasonable commitment of time and effort and to afford scheduling and
lifestyle changes in order to make this relationship work.

I agree that this pet is being adopted by me solely as a pet for myself and/or my immediate
family and that I am not acting as, or in part of any agent in the adoption of this pet.  I agree
that I will not sell, give away, surrender, abandon, trade or otherwise dispose of this pet to any
person(s), dealer, retailer, auction, institution, or any other entity for any reason.  If at a later
date, I am unable or unwilling to keep this pet, or have to get rid of this pet, I agree to return
this pet to:

Amanda Halvorson
c/o Silver Dragon Pets
1212 Quince St
Brainerd, MN 56401

I hereby agree to care for the above-described pet in a humane and responsible manner and to
provide him/her with clean and adequate shelter, food, water and veterinary care.  This includes
fresh water at all times, wholesome premium pet food, annual vaccinations and prevention of
parasites.  Adopter further agrees to take this pet to a licensed veterinarian for a routine
check-up at least once every year and to follow the advice of the veterinarian.  Adopter further
agrees to give Silver Dragon Pets permission to verify this care by contacting and talking with
adopter's veterinarian.

Under no circumstances is any animal adopted from Silver Dragon Pets to be used for breeding,
purposefully or accidentally.  This includes, but is not limited to small, exotic, bird and reptile

I agree to give my pet ample exercise every day and to keep my pet the proper weight, neither
obese nor emaciated.  I agree to provide my pet with enough training and/or behavioral
management so as to enable him/her to be a welcome part of my community and/or managed
safely.  I agree to get professional help if my pet has and/or develops behavioral or
temperamental problems, and if safe, to manage my pet carefully so as not to endanger the
people and other pets in the community.

I understand that Silver Dragon Pets would never place a known biter without releasing that
information openly.  However, I am fully aware and do understand that any pet may bite if
provoked,  Therefore, I agree to use due caution when allowing any stranger or child to be near
this pet, and will never allow anyone to threaten, squeeze, poke, hit, kick, step on or otherwise
pose a perceived threat to this pet.

I agree that the ownership of this pet is not transferable and must be returned to Amanda
Halvorson if I should decide that I no longer want to keep this pet.  There will be no refund
after the 2-week trial period.

Pet returned more than six months after original adoption date may be subject to a surrender fee.
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