Foster Agreement - Page 1

This agreement is made and hereby entered into, by and between Silver Dragon Pets
(hereafter referred to as "rescue") and the person(s) named below, hereafter referred to as
"foster home" or "they."  A foster home is defined as a temporary home for the animal to live
in while he/she awaits a permanent adoption through Silver Dragon Pets.  The purpose of this
contract is to ensure that this animal gets the highest possible level of care and treatment
throughout his/her stay in our program.

Foster home understands and agrees to abide by the following terms:
1. The foster home agrees to temporarily house and care for the animal(s) belonging to Silver
Dragon Pets.  Foster home understands and agrees that Silver Dragon Pets is the sole and
rightful owner of the foster animal(s).
2. The foster home fully agrees and understands that Silver Dragon Pets will make all
decisions regarding this animal.
3. The foster home agrees to treat this animal in a humane and loving way at all times, and to
make sure that anyone else caring for or coming in contact with this animal will do the same.
4. The foster home understands that the rescue is not responsible for any damage caused by
this animal while in foster care.  Therefore, foster home agrees to confine this animal to a
crate when he/she cannot be directly supervised if the foster home wishes to avoid possible
5. The foster home agrees to provide this animal, and all other animals said foster home
owns, with proper veterinary care as is recommended by the rescue.  This includes a
monthly heartworm prevention in the spring, summer and fall months.  The foster home
agrees that full or partial reimbursements for veterinary care are only for expenses discussed
and agreed upon prior to treatment, and only if the veterinarian used has been approved by
the rescue.
6. The foster home understands that if they decide to apply to adopt this animal permanently,
the rescue must be notified before home checks are scheduled for potential adopters wishing
to adopt this pet.  Silver Dragon Pets will not cancel an adoption in progress.
7. The foster home agrees that the care of this animal is not transferable.  The foster home
agrees that, if for any reason the foster home is unable to continue to house and care for the
animal, the rescue will immediately be notified and the foster home will turn the animal back
over to the rescue.
8. The foster home agrees to keep this animal clean and groomed at all times
9. The foster home agrees to feed a wholesome, premium pet food, and have fresh water
available at all times.  Generic pet food, store brand pet foods, or no-name pet foods are not
considered premium foods.  We recommend Taste of the Wild, Canidae, Innova and Nutri
Source.  The foster home agrees to pay for all food purchases for any animals in their care.
10. The foster home agrees that this animal will reside in the home of the foster home, not
outside or in a garage/shed/etc.  This animal may not be left outdoors if the foster person is
not home to supervise.
11. The foster home agrees that this animal will never be allowed off of a leash when the
animal is outdoors, unless the animal is in a securely fenced area or securely fenced yard.  
This animal may never be left outdoors if the foster person is not there supervising the animal.
12. The foster home understands that it is often their job to determine or learn the
temperament of the animal they are fostering.  The foster home understands that the rescue
has no way of knowing the temperament of most animals coming in to the program.  
Therefore, the foster home agrees to use due caution when handling the foster animal.  
Further, the foster home is fully aware that any animal may bite if provoked.  The foster
home also agrees to never allow any stranger or child near this animal until the animal is
trusted, and will never allow anyone to threaten, squeeze, poke, hit, kick, step-on, or
otherwise pose a perceived threat to this animal.  If the foster home determines this animal to
be a biter, or a bite risk, they are to contact the rescue immediately for further instructions.
13. The foster home grants permission for a representative of the rescue to visit the home at
any time to check on the wellbeing of the animal.
14. The foster home agrees that the rescue can not predict how long an animal may stay in
foster care.  The foster home agrees to care for the animal as long as they are able to.  If the
foster home is no longer able, they must return the animal to the rescue.  The foster home
agrees that if asked to return the animal, they need to do so within 24 hours of being asked.  
If the foster home is unavailable at the time the animal is needed, the foster home agrees to
make the animal available for pick up within the 24-hour period.

I have read and understand this entire agreement, and do hereby agree to all the above terms.

_______________________________________                         ___________________
Signature of Foster                                                                   Date

_______________________________________                         ___________________
Signature of Rescue Representative                                            Date
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